About Us

GLBTI Jewish children are in our schools, our synagogues, our summer camps, our Zionist programs, in our homes; they are all around us.  They are part of our community.  Too many suffer from depression and anxiety and feel disconnected.

Too many GLBTI Jews feel alienated by their Jewish community, family and friends.

Too many GLBTI Jews leave Judaism.

Keshet Australia has a primary goal to help nurture, protect and provide a safe environment for GLBTI Jews, children and adults.  We need to do this to keep families together.  We need to do this to keep our GLBTI Jewish friends within Judaism (no matter what their affiliation) and not to drive them away.

At Keshet we offer educational programs to teach rabbis, educators, youth leaders how to help GLBTIQ Jewish children with the issues surrounding their sexual orientation. 

We have started Keshet Parents to help families learn to work with and embrace the hopes and dreams of their GLBTIQ offspring and to deal with the challenges of being parents of GLBTIQ children. 

Keshet Australia’s community focus is on educating the Australian Jewish community about GLBTII Jews; about their needs, issues, desires and strivings as they try to remain part of our Jewish community.